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It’s time you worked with someone who truly gets it. Someone who has built top-flight user experiences. Someone you can trust to wow you, every time. Someone with a strong ability to mentor young creatives. A humble, talented, and tireless contributor you will enjoy being around.

A unique inspirational creative leader who brings out the best in others. Naturally at home designing/developing for the web with a focus on responsive web design (RWD), user experience (UX), and agile methodology. And one hell of a nice guy.

From ambitious start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations, I've spent the past 15 years building and enhancing innovative, forward-thinking, highly successful digital products and brands

In my current role, as the Digital Design Director for the #2 online resource for physicians, I have contributed first hand to turning a start-up into a hugely profitable digital suite of products. I work elbow-to-elbow with the executive team as the creative lead to build/direct all web ventures during this time of quarter-after-quarter record growth.

My creative teams run lean, meet deadlines, and deliver beyond expectations. I believe firmly in inspiring creative minds through example and empowerment. Strong ability to identify talent and nuture creatives to reach their potential. Dedication to one's creative craft, autonomy to create, and roll-up-your-sleeves hard work are the hallmarks of the innovation behind my creative teams.

I am naturally at home, developing for the web, with a strong focus on responsive web design (RWD), user experience (UX), and agile methodology. Expert level coding skills in modern front-end languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc). Forward-thinking, efficient, best-practices approach to writing code. An analytical mind that stays hungry and current.

Unique Skill Set

Responsive Design

Advanced responsive design skills. Countless Bootstrap site builds, with a expert-level knowledge of the Bootstrap framework (I know all the built-in classes by memory).


Super efficient, standards-compliant, expert-level HTML skills. Hand code html in seconds. Keep a forward-looking eye on the future of HTML, and the wonderful places it will take us.


Advanced, expert-level CSS skills. I can style an element by hand in seconds using the latest advanced techniques, including transitions, LESS, SASS. I keep current on the latest and greatest.


Expert-level knowledge and superior efficiency. I hand code in code view, and tap into Dreamweaver's auto-assist features to help me code SUPER efficiently.


Expert-level understanding of the platform with hundreds of site builds over the past decade.


Because my focus is rapid production for the web, Fireworks is primary image-editing tool.


Photoshop is brought in for those jobs that require a little more horsepower. Expert-level skill.

CMS (other)

Extensive knowledge in other Content Management Systems, including Joomla and Drupal.


From logo creation to the creation of custom graphics, Illustrator offers advanced creativity.


Super efficient Javascript skill base. For the vast majority of sites, JQUERY is my go-to tool.

In Design

A very early adopter to In Design, migrating from Quark more than 15 years ago. Go-to tool for all print work.

After Effects/Premiere

I've been turning up my video creation skills through some advanced-level udemy courses for After Effects. Premiere is my go-to tool for video editing.

The Places I've Been

Life at Home

Born in Baltimore. Bostonian for a while (before it was cool to be one). Currently residing just outside of Philadelphia. Long-time lover of Maine and New England—at home in the natural world, surrounded by pine trees and rocky ocean coastlines.

Studied Romantic Poetry (yes, it's true) at the ungraduate level, before embracing technology and receiving professional training at the University of Pennsylvania. A few tall words from Wordsworth, Keats, Yeats, Emerson, Kerouac, or Thoreau still light the fire within.

Blessed with a loving wife (Ali), wonderful 1-year-old (Boden), and 10-year-old adopted Basset Hound (Max).

Ali & Boden

I Respond Quickly

Matt Manieri
Haddonfield, NJ
Boston, MA
Email: Phone: 267.226.0719
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